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Commission Prices

Revised 7.28.2020

Prices are subject to change and can without notice.

However, if you order a commission and cannot pay until a certain date, you will not be charged the new prices.

Currency, Prices, and Fees


All prices for purchases that occur in the U.S, Canada, or Internationally are stated in United States Dollar (USD).

Prices (Word Counts)

Ficlets (500 Words): 25 USD or 2500 DA Points

Stories (1k to 10k Words): 50 USD per 1k

Extra Fees


This price is a base, as indicated by the "+". Light sensual scenes or fetishes leave it as is. Heavier sex or fetishes will raise it accordingy.

Note: Please discuss with me when it comes to fetishes and kinks. Depending on the nature of the fetish, the NSFW charge may be waived if, in my opinion, I do not believe it is NSFW. If you're unsure if your fetish will fall in NSFW, please don't hesitate to contact me to inquire.

There are also some fetishes I refuse to write. Again, please discuss with me. I promise to provide a non judgmental space when it comes to discussing your kinks and fetishes.

Research: 8 USD

Generally applied to fandom work where I must research characters & settings to write your story properly and satisfactory. If you don't want detailed descriptions of these, this charge may be waived. Done on a case by case basis.

Private Work: 50%

If you wish for your piece to be for your eyes only, this charge is applied to the agreed final price. If you wish for your name to be omitted when I post, this fee is not applied. Ideal for clients who have private characters.

Edits: 10 USD per edit

I will do a maximum of three edits before this fee comes into effect. If the blunder is on my end, I will fix it without payment. I will be checking, so please be honest regarding this.

Purchase Policy

This purchase policy ("Policy") describes how Website Operator ("Website Operator", "we", "us" or "our") interacts with you ("User", "you" or "your") during a purchase on the website and any of its products or services (collectively, "Website" or "Services").

It also describes the choices available to you during the purchase process. This Policy does not apply to the practices of companies that we do not own or control, or to individuals that we do not employ or manage.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Stories above 5k are taken by slots. Ficlets & Stories below 5k are available at all times.

How this works: There are two slots available for above 5k work. Once both are taken, I do not accept any other stories above 5k until at least one is completed, then a slot opens. If you wish to be put on a wait list for longer stories, please contact me.

Can Do


Most Fetishes and Kinks

BL & GL & Hetero

Incest (Siblings & Cousins)

Age Gaps (15 Years)

Teacher / Student

Can't Do

Shota & Pedophilia


Anthros & Furries

Weight Gain

Scat & Watersports

Payment Methods

Full payment is highly preferred, but payment plans may be accepted for stories with a final price of $200 and above.

Payment Plans: Half must be paid now and half within a week. Longer time may be given for trusted clients. If you're unable to commission and need the first half refunded for any reason, it will be given, but note: You will not be able to commission me again if this occurs. Please ensure you're able to commission before sending any payment.

I accept PayPal.

Ficlets may be paid through DeviantArt's point system - the price would be 2500. All story tiers are strictly PayPal.

For PayPal payments, a link will be given for your and my convenience.


I do not offer refunds once you have paid in full. Half payments will always be refunded, but this will result in being unable to hire me for future commissions. Again, please ensure you're able to commission before sending any kind of payment.